As the name stand United for Inclusion of Vulnerable people in the community, UIVPIC paid one of its regular visits to the Good Shepherd Home to celebrate and prepared the children to spend a wonderful holiday of love and unity.During our visit we build in them hope to be able to face the challenges ahead while trusting God for a new dawn in their lives.

In a bit to self-motivation, Mrs. Constance had a one-on-one talk with some of the children among which was a young talented boy who had a bitter experience with the on-going Anglo-phone crisis. As he shared his experience the she was field with emotion, this boy received a bullet on his face and which completely removed one of his eyes living behind an empty hold in his face, he did survive by the Diving grace of God. His picture and identity will not be shared for confidentiality. While other children share their need and desire to continue their education in a more formal setting. The education system in the North West region of Cameroon has been disrupted due to the on-going crisis.

As the crisis strike the English-speaking Regions of Cameroon, we are on the ground, quickly providing immediate support – and we stay helping to rebuild lives for children, families, and communities.
One quarter of the Regions children live in areas affected by crisis, and more than half live-in rural settings. Recovery is possible. With planning and collaboration alongside local partners, hope for renewal is alive even in the most hostile environments around the Region.

UIVPIC empower communities and guide them to set their own goals and equip them so that progress made is sustained, and continued, long after.
By promoting equality, inclusiveness, and sustainable economic growth, we can help end extreme poverty and allow at-risk children to reach their full potential.
All children have the right to lead productive and fulfilling lives. UIVPIC help make this happen by supporting them with an inclusive, quality education for life in a nurturing and safe learning environment.

Empowering children starts with parents and teachers—providing educational tools and training is the first step to help children become lifelong learners, improve their communities, protect themselves from violence, and live a productive and fulfilling life.
UIVPIC serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. UIVPIC serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.
Food is vital during crisis. Whether to save lives or improve health and education, food is key in empowering communities to become self-reliant.

Good health empowers people to live a better life. UIVPIC serve vulnerable children, families, and communities by teaching proper hygiene and nutrition and enhancing their health systems.
There are communities where we see children dying needlessly from preventable issues. We want hope and health to be restored. We want to see improved access to care, lasting behavioral change, and communities connected to what works so children and families can

For children to live secure lives, it takes more than just basic necessities of survival. Communities need good governance, lasting and equal economic development, civic empowerment, and peace and reconciliation.
True peace comes from within. Our approach is to help communities resolve their own conflicts, build capacities to heal broken relationships, and nourish justice. We are building peace, one young person at a time. We educate children and youth in crisis areas so they can help bring peace to their communities from the inside.
We want all children and families to flourish. That’s why we strive to give every child safe access to information.
Our visit was timely as the children were blessed with material, moral and financial supports.