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United for Inclusion of Vulnerable People In the Community

Safe a Life!!!

Livelihood Opportunity Village Savings and loan Scheme

Livelihood Opportunities
Reaching the very poor: The need for a new microfinance model


Livelihood Opportunities

UIVPIC have altered the development equation in marginalized communities in the NWR of Cameroon, providing members with the means to cope with emergencies, build capital and re-create social dynamics that support genuine self-reliance.

Economic Empowerment

Livelihood Opportunities

Young Entrepreneurs

The smartest, most durable approach to ending poverty is to equip the poor to do it themselves. Over the last 9 years, and with your help, we have seen first-hand that impoverished communities can be
transformed through private enterprise and job creation.

Livelihood Opportunities
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Business Training and Coaching

Through strategic capital lending, business training and coaching, entrepreneurs learn the skills necessary to start or grow businesses using business management best practices. We give them what it takes to become a business leader to make an impact in their families and their community.

Livelihood Opportunities

Empowering people living in poverty

UIVPIC is on a mission to equip youth. We empower those living in poverty to transform their lives through strategic capital lending, business training, and coaching. We help business owners to become community role models with restored dignity and inspired creativity.

Livelihood Opportunities

Village Savings and Loans Scheme

The Village Savings and Loan (VSL) model is a self-managed and self-capitalized microfinance methodology. By having its members mobilize and intermediate local pools of investment finance, it offers savings, insurance and credit services in markets outside the reach of formal institutions. 

Livelihood Opportunities
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Key Facts

Livelihood Opportunities
  • Women comprise 78% of the membership
  • Repayment rates are the highest in the microfinance industry;
  • 89% of groups continue to operate more than five years after receiving training, on average doubling their capitalization and average loan sizes
  • At any one time the average group has 63% of members with loans outstanding
  • At any one time 74% of the available funds are in circulation as loans
  • The average annualized return on assets is 29.1%  (thesavix.org);
  • The cost per member averages 12,760FCFA (and as little as 1000FCFA).
  • 98% of members continue from one annual cycle to the next

Our Commitment Putting a smile on the faces of the poor

Livelihood Opportunities
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