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With the ongoing socio-political crisis in Cameroon, a new set of vulnerable persons emerges who are the pregnant internally displaced person. These women had so many difficulties such as, no access to medical facilities, in adequate or no finance for prenatal preparation no home for them. as a result, UIVPIC partner with the United Nation Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) for the distribution of mama kit to over one thousand internal and needy pregnant women. content list for mama kit, bath soap, back pack, bath towel, baby blanket, baby dress, cloth diapers, shoulder bag. this was received with great joy by the women and the community


I am Mr. Martine Moe of the Association of Persons Living with Disability in Weh Menchum Division. I have been visually impaired all through my live and am married with nine children. life was so difficult for me and my family as i could not help myself but through the training and sensitization of UIVPIC , I was able to know that disability is not an inability. and with this change in mentality I could now join a village saving and loan scheme organized by UIVPIC with the Weh PWDs and today as you can see I am a Successful farmer nursing over three thousand agricultural seed of all kind. I am a happy man. My life and that of my family has change greatly due to the positive impact of UIVPIC in our community. no have a home for my family through the profits made from the sales of my produce. I have benefited greatly in the training, sensitization, moral, financial and spiritual support through Discipleship. may the good Lord continue to strengthen this organization as they impact the lives of people in the community positively in Jesus name

Pa Martine,

I am Nadage 33 years old, I was doing absolutely nothing for the financial contribution of my home. I depended solely on my husband, and when I gave birth to my third child, he had some health challenge and I saw how difficult it was for my husband to take care of his health and still provide for the family. I thought of what to do and nothing was fort coming until I met a neighbor and share my challenge with her and she told me about UIVPIC and the saving scheme. So, since I didn’t have any source of income apart of my husband who is a petty trader, I had to reduce our food money to get my self busy. I started by buying a bunch of banana for 400FCFA and keep it to ripe, after some few days the banana was ready and I sold it for 1500FCFA. then I bought two bunch of banana and a bucket of pearl. That was how I manage to play my “njangi” and the day I benefited my “njangi” of 30,000FCFA which I used to buy 2 piglet and today, i have over ten pigs and two is pregnant. Thank you UIVPIC

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