United for Inclusion of Vulnerable people in the community, embraces a family-centered approach to ending global poverty with food security, peace and justice, economic livelihood and health. We join families in communities to change global hunger, poverty and illness. UIVPIC works in the community responding to both natural disasters and civil unrest. We provide for displaced families and invest in local economies to help rebuild communities and renew hope, bringing long term stability for future storms.

The impact of the ongoing Socio-Political Crisis in Cameroon is exacerbating the complex issues that vulnerable orphan children and widows in the community had already been facing before the crisis. It has been long five years today that the cry of the vulnerable has greatly increase in the Anglo-phone Regions. While drawing on our experience responding to crisis, we are active on the ground and scaling up our prevention and response work across the community to encourage hope, empower communities and change children and widows lives even in the midst of the crisis.

The crisis affected us all, but the most vulnerable are affected in ways we just don’t associate with the crisis. Have you ever thought of crisis resulting in the drastic increase of child pregnancy, child marriages or child labour? It can seem disconnected, but we constantly see the effects of the Anglo-Phone crisis and how it exasperates the underlying issues of poverty and increase crime rate in the communities.

The North West Region of Cameroon is experiencing double crisis; the socio-political crisis has destroyed lives, properties, decimated incomes and left many families hunger and homeless; COVID-19 has decimated livelihoods and social activities forcing millions of people from their homes.


UIVPIC have been working to bring these vulnerable people together to access information and livelihood opportunities. In our work we had the burden to work with women who lost their husband as a result of the ongoing Crisis (Anglo-phone Crisis and COVID-19). A good number of them were identify brought together and sensitized on crisis management and also given support for livelihood opportunities.

Around the communities’ vulnerable people are finding ways to renew hope. We share these stories of strength, courage and love to encourage one another. Meet mama Nagu Emerencia who is a mother of 8 children 4boys 4girls. Ma Emerencia lost her husband and faced with a devastating challenge of losing her beloved husband, she lost her son also and was left with a hospital bill of 1,500,000frs to settle before she could collect the remines of her son, this widow faced with these problems felt like all hope was lost. But God in his infinite mercy came to her protection and provision when she encounters a good Samaritan who sign for her to collect her child death body and bury. After that she received a little support from UIVPIC and today she said and I quote “I was faced with these problems but if you asked me how I came out of it I will not be able to explain thank you papa God”