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United for Inclusion of Vulnerable People In the Community

Safe a Life!!!
What We Do

We  welcome,respect and partner with people with diverse ability, opinions, background and believe that all Livelihood intervention should be designed to meet the needs of all constituents of the society especially the vulnerable.

We recognize the talent and abilities of those with whom we work., and the central role of those whose lives are affected by what we do.

We promote the use of local expertise to facilitate self-reliance and relationships among individuals and communities in the promotion of Gender Base Violence, Child Protection and Livelihood Opportunities.

We believe that universal asset to Livelihood Opportunity and Information is a Right. Thus we work to promote and advocate for Human Rights , Social Justice and Equity for all in accessing Livelihood Opportunities.


We work with grassroots vulnerable people within the community to design and implement entrepreneur programs that meet the specific economic needs of the particular community. Through groups executive, individuals have access to small business loans from their savings. In addition, programs provide basic business training to help new business owners manage their finances effectively, market their product or service, set up and use a good and simple way of keeping their records, and network with other groups that share similar ideas. A mentoring component provides ongoing encouragement and advice by using established business people as counselors/mentors to new entrepreneurs.

 We work to transfer micro-economic development best practices to support various types of enterprises that reach the poorest people in developing countries. UIVPIC selects implementing group executive  who have the commitment to provide an enduring solution to hunger, malnutrition, disease, and education through self-help, income generating projects and community sensitization.

UIVPIC currently supports groups in the seven Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

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